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FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. Owner and designer, Carrie Lamb. Specializing in custom designed jewellery, based in Bishop's Landing, Halifax, Nova Scotia.jpg

Having studied design and marketing in England, with undergraduate training in the high-end fashion industry with Jaeger in London, Carrie launched her fine jewellery and lifestyle brand, FRIDA, 14 years ago in Nova Scotia.

There is a dream and passion at the heart of every business; it is the inspiration behind every step we take as visionaries.

The world of FRIDA is more than stunning custom jewels made with the finest gems, diamonds and pearls; it is a brand governed by an unwavering passion for the creative process. Pieces are handmade, dedicated to the celebration of individuality, beauty and the collective strength of women who are our inspiration.

FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. Shield™ Collection, Shackle cuff. Symbolizing women empowerment. Custom designed sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold cuff set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

FRIDA. Sword and Shield.png

Since a logo is the visual identity by which a brand is recognized, our logo was designed to encapsulate both power and protection.

FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. Logo. Sword & Shield.

Jewellery is more than an adornment; it is our armour, our protection, a means of communication and transformation.




In the midst of my darkest time, it was imperative that I find a new path; a new reality that at some point would transform the fear, as a consequence of betrayal, into the freedom of a new beginning.

Fear can limit and inhibit vision; however, it guided me to reconnect with a passion from my past...creating jewellery on the playgrounds of my childhood.

Having the courage to follow one’s intuition is easier when there is little to lose; that said, the journey of reinvention began literally on my living room floor! Surrounded by gems, raw stones and pearls, I began to create pieces that became the foundation of my first collection, CARIBOU.

Do what you love, embrace your passion, and believe in your vision!

In ancient Norse, the name FRIDA means beautiful and beloved. Dedicated to my daughter, FRIDA stands in defiance of anger and fear, symbolizing strength, beauty and empowerment.

The concept of creating an independent luxury brand has grown to the point where my daughter, Emma, is not only the face of FRIDA, but also the Creative Director; helping me define and differentiate our brand within the glittering landscape of designer jewellery.

FRIDA. Carrie and Emma Lamb.

Designed for and inspired by the daughter in all of us.

As an independent brand, we are able to create our own path. Building jewellery by hand in Canada is enormously important to me as a designer. Our quality of workmanship is second to none.

One of my greatest pleasures lies in creating stunning jewels that speak to the individuality of my clientele. One should not be defined by a brand; rather, the brand should capture and speak to one’s individual your own brand!

Luxury Beyond Brand™

FRIDA. Carrie Lamb.png