“I am a collector and lover of art and jewellery. Carrie Lamb’s work is both. She has an amazing talent which I have not seen in the many countries I travel. When I discovered her shop in Halifax I was blown away by the quality and magnificent designs, not to mention the variety of unheated spectacular gem stones. Her designs are show stoppers!”

– Nancy Smithers, D.C.L., President, NNS Organics Ltd.

“We are an average couple with average incomes, and like most average people, we have big dreams and our dream was to have unique custom made wedding bands. Thankfully, our dream was bigger than our trepidation as we entered Frida, fully prepared to be turned away. From the minute we met Carrie, our hearts loved her. She made us feel like we were as important to her as any millionaire client. We will never forget what Carrie has given to us; not just gorgeous meaningful rings, but a very special experience that we will carry in our hearts forever.”

– Rodney and Adele

"Working with Carrie is a dream. She just finished a beautiful diamond bracelet which is unique, suitably sparkly, and just "wow". Carrie listened to what I dreamed a bracelet could be, and more than delivered. I've found so many of my favourites at Frida Fine Jewellery. Visit the store to find that special piece, or ask Carrie to design something just for you!”

– Yolanda de Rooy

"I was on a mission in Halifax. I wanted to say "hello" to the creator of my friend's gorgeous new ring and check out the depth and range of her creations. I knew her shop was across the square from the Bicycle Thief Restaurant but had forgotten the name...One storefront had shelves of spectacular jewelry "FRIDA" was the name. I headed in and introduced myself to a tall, elegant woman Carrie Lamb who was delighted to receive greetings from one of her collectors and fans and proceeded to introduce me to some of her own favourite pieces...Fascinating!! Each ring has a name a story of significance. One could spend hours listening and admiring. I had to depart sooner than I wished but asked that I be added to her mailing list...Make this a stop in Halifax.”

– Nancy Bates

"I went into Frida with limited knowledge, never having bought a piece of jewelry, let alone an engagement ring, before. Carrie did not make me feel like I was pressured to buy from her establishment but simply gave me some pointers, told me a little about diamonds, and that she could customize a ring for me, based on my price range and what I wanted. After a couple of weeks of research, it was evident that Frida has the highest quality of diamond of all Jewelry stores around. I went back, we discussed and found a ring that I liked and when it was out of my price range, Carrie told me to give her some time and she would see what she could do. Carrie sent me an e-mail, advising that she brought in a slightly smaller diamond (40pt) advised she could make a ring similar to the one we were looking at, and now, it was within my price range. Carrie is one of the most accommodating, most friendly, and most inviting people I have ever met and I wont hesitate to go back to her for any future pieces either I, or my new fiancee, may need. I have truly made a new friend in this process. Thank you Carrie.”

– Kevin P.

“What an exquisite experience it was to meet Carrie. I loved everything in the shop and couldn’t bear to leave without purchasing something. [...] I selected and can't wait to visit again!”

– Marcia C.

"We started our journey to find a commitment ring to specifically represent our relationship in all the traditional places, from the biggest cities in Canada to the U.S. and Vegas. With each subsequent visit to these designer retail stores we felt more discouraged and we didn’t know why. Then we heard about a store in Halifax Nova Scotia called Frida Fine Jewelry, a place that had to be experienced.

When we walked into the boutique, we were surrounded by the most unusual and unique jewellery we had ever seen. Gem stones of such unusual colour and character, alongside diamonds in such a variety of cuts and brilliance. We were stunned. The artistic genius that created the settings and the metal work was pure inspiration. And standing behind this exquisite collection was Carrie Lamb. Carrie is a warm, welcoming, beautiful person, wonderfully dressed and bejewelled. We were immediately taken by her calm reassurances, her depth of experience and knowledge, her openness, and her perceptiveness. She needed to hear our story in order to find inspiration to create our ring. Carrie’s quest was to first match a stone to who we were and what we wanted to tell the world about us. She found us a natural, untreated, pear shaped sapphire. It was so blue with such depth. A beautiful drop of water. With Carrie, first we experienced relief, then gratitude and finally trust. Not only had we found the right stone we had found the person who was going to guide us to a world outside the box. We drew inspiration from Carrie and her Shield collection. She took our ideas, our stories, our heart and made them real. Now we have our ring, it has a story and it tells our story.

For this journey Carrie was our mentor, protector, and now our friend. We will never look at jewellery the same way again. We can’t wait for our next creative journey with Carrie."

– Luke and Cora




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