FRIDA jewels are built by hand to be enjoyed for a lifetime. As and when your jewels require our attention, we welcome the opportunity to advise and assist you in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and sophisticated. 

All services are performed in-house or by authorized specialists. FRIDA jewels are individually assessed, and servicing is priced accordingly*.  



Quoted upon request

Working with a team of master goldsmiths and stone setters, we are delighted to offer a bespoke design service. Together you and Carrie discuss design, materials, and how best to achieve your particular request.

Please note, we respect the works of other jewellery designers and will not create imitations. All custom designs and production rights remain the property of FRIDA.

For detailed information, please view BESPOKE.



Quoted upon request

For any requests regarding re-design and re-purposing third-party stones or gold, please contact us via email at, prior to scheduling a consultation, as such requests must be assessed on a project-by-project basis. Incorporation of third-party materials is dependent on the quality and suitability of the metal and stones for the new design.

We understand the personal and sentimental significance of every piece; thus, we ensure pieces are treated with both care and respect.




This service makes it possible to maintain the beauty of your FRIDA jewel. It includes cleaning and buffing to remove impurities, dust and fingerprints from the surface of your precious jewel. In some cases, light scratches are removed.

We recommend bringing in your FRIDA jewel at least once a year for cleaning and an aesthetic inspection to assess the setting. 



From $75 CAD*

Restores the original splendor of your FRIDA jewel and eliminates superficial scratches. Includes polishing and cleaning. Given that the polishing process removes a fine layer of metal, we recommend that you not have this service performed more than twice in the lifetime of a jewel made of yellow gold. Moreover, polishing cannot remove deep scratches. 

We offer rhodium plating to enhance the whiteness and brilliance of white gold. Prices vary according to the size and complexity of the piece.



From $75 CAD*

This service is available for rings, necklaces, chains, cuffs and bracelets. The first ring re-sizing (within one size, not including additional stones, if applicable) is covered, under the terms and conditions of our WARRANTY. For re-sizing of necklaces, chains, cuffs and bracelets, under warranty, please contact us via email at; depending on what solutions are provided, additional charges may or may not be applied. Additional re-sizing will be a service fee. For some pieces, re-sizing may be limited, due to their unique design.



From $50 CAD*

The engraving service enables you to personalize your FRIDA jewel (subject to technical constraints and space availability). We can advise you on font possibilities and character limits. 



Quoted upon request

Restore your FRIDA jewel to its full splendor by repairing or replacing damaged or missing parts. Work required will be evaluated upon assessment.

For any requests regarding restoration of third-party jewellery, please contact us via email at, as we accommodate select requests, depending on the quality and condition of the materials as well as studio capacity.



$85 CAD/piece; special pricing for multiple pieces*

We recommend having your FRIDA jewel appraised and insured, in the case of loss or damage. If you would like to have your piece appraised before it is shipped, please let us know and we will have it appraised by a certified and trusted third-party. 

An individual FRIDA jewel valued over $8,000* will be accompanied by a complimentary appraisal.

For any requests regarding appraising third-party jewellery, please contact us via email at, as we accommodate select requests.


*Prices exclude tax. The customer is responsible for shipping charges, if applicable. 

To schedule a service, please contact us via email at