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Representing the ultimate gift of love, diamonds were associated with everlasting love and commitment for the first time in 1477…coincidently, our address at Bishop’s Landing! Discover a beautiful selection of engagement rings and wedding bands at our Halifax boutique…no appointment required!



Our aim is to exceed expectation and create a stunning representation of your unique relationship.

 Working within each client's budget, Carrie and her team work with clients on a bespoke basis and invite as much involvement in the process as desired. From the initial consultation, the selection of the perfect diamond or gemstone, your story unfolds. Not only is the design of the ring handmade to your specifications, so, too, your choice of diamond or gemstone is equally individual.

To learn more about the custom process and to view testimonials, explore BESPOKE.

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Signature engagement rings can also be worn as your own statement!

Signature engagement rings are decidedly contemporary and may be interpreted in innumerable ways by mixing metals, texture and gorgeous gems. Individualized creations open the door for exciting possibilities, but in no way diminishes the timeless beauty of classic, vintage or traditional designs.

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Meaning “love” or “to love”, ELSKA is a strong, yet beautiful collection.


ELSKA rings are built in two shapes, round and rounded-square, in your choice of yellow, pink, white or two-toned 18kt gold. The circle has no beginning nor end; a symbol of infinity, endless and eternal. Therefore, only round gemstones or diamonds are used in this collection…your choice is infinite!

Rounded-square symbolizes the four seasons, the four directions, the four elements. The circle within represents eternal and unending; thus, the spiritual and material co-exist.

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The sky, sun, moon and stars…the universe beyond. Unity of mind and body.


Goddess of the moon. Representing the rhythm of time, the illumination between night and day...enlightenment.


The sun personified. The most powerful sun God was Sol Invictus, meaning, “unconquered sun”. There and many eight letter words beginning with ‘sol’, one of which is solstice.


A foreteller of change. The lunar eclipse, when the earth’s shadow fall upon the face of the moon, is viewed as deeply transformative. Embracing change…endings are the new beginnings.

FRIDA. Ocean Collection.


Inspired by the patterns of the sea, OCEAN reflects a casual, yet timeless sophistication. The ocean touches our soul.


Representing the ebb and flow of the tide, the fluid contours of 18kt gold mimic the ripples in the sand at water’s edge...the ocean’s footprint.


In Norse mythology, RÁN is a goddess of the sea. Offerings of gold were made to honour her by sailors seeking safe passage. RÁN’s beautiful daughters personify spirits of ocean waves.


With the feeling of smooth silk, this beautiful gold ring is both practical and stunning. With its river of undulating pavé diamonds, GEODE celebrates nature’s mysterious formations glamorously.

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What constitutes the perfect ring is unique to each and every client…the options are endless.

Please enjoy a selection of classic engagement rings. Whether you prefer traditional or non-traditional, whether inspired by an Edwardian-era platinum and diamond ring or a classic Halo, our team considers it both a privilege and responsibility to ensure your inspiration becomes reality.  


More Engagement Creations Coming Soon.
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