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Inspired by the physical surroundings in the ruggedly beautiful Caribou region of Nova Scotia
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Rich in texture with gorgeous colour combinations, neck pieces and wired neck sculptures from this collection mix the primitive sensuality of hand-wrought sterling with unusual gemstones, corals and pearls to create a visually seductive interplay of mediums.

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As the first Signature Collection, CARIBOU pays homage to Native American culture. Like most Aboriginal beliefs, spirituality is animistic.

Recognizing the living spirit within all things...within the rocks, within the waters, within the animals, within us.

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Fabulous statement neck sculptures are hand-woven using repurposed metals, natural gemstones, pearls and vintage crystals. Elements are reclaimed and reused from past creations, worked into creative wearable art.

Co-existing with the art of transformation

Everything has purpose; everything, meaning.

Forest…the unexplored realm.

Spirit animals carry meaning, wisdom and power
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Elegantly etched upon the picturesque landscape of the Berkshire Down, the Uffington White Horse geoglyph dates back over 3,000 years. There are many theories as to its origin; one, that it was a homage to a British Horse Goddess, dressed in gold, riding a beautiful white horse.

Horse Symbolism

One has the power to change anything and everything in one’s life. Understanding that real power is the wisdom found in remembering the journey!

White horse…an avatar of knowledge and faith.

Black horse…death and rebirth. The closing of one door, the opening of another.

SPIRIT, to be continued.