Spending its life in the depths of the ocean, lined in the splendid iridescence of mother of pearl, the nautilus grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its existence; thus becoming a symbol of our personal growth and renewal.

OCEAN pendant in sterling silver; 12cm h x 9cm w (including bails).

As pieces are handmade, please allow up to 2-6 weeks for production.
For further information or customization, please contact us.

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FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. OCEAN Collection Inspiration. Sand Ripples.

Inspired by the patterns of the sea, OCEAN reflects a casual, yet timeless sophistication.

Representing the ebb and flow of the tide, the fluid contours of 18kt gold mimic the ripples in the sand at water’s edge...the ocean’s footprint.

The shape of the nautilus speaks to our spiritual journey.

FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. Ocean Collection, Nautilus pendant. Custom designed pendant in sterling silver.