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Be mesmerized by the colours of sunset day or night with this stunning one-of-a-kind bolo tie in sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold. Each segment set with topaz, citrine, jasper and frosted agate is adjustable on a custom linen cord.

If this piece is unavailable, please contact us for custom design inquiries. For details, view BESPOKE.

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FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. CARIBOU Collection Inspiration.

Inspired by the physical surroundings in the ruggedly beautiful Caribou region of Nova Scotia.

As the first Signature Collection, CARIBOU pays homage to Native American culture. Like most Aboriginal beliefs, spirituality is animistic


…For the WO/MAN who define themselves.

FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. Myles Sexton wearing sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold bolo tie and Testudo ring set with gemstones.