One-of-a-kind hand-woven CARIBOU neck sculpture with faceted aquamarine, Biwa and cross pearls.

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FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. CARIBOU Collection Inspiration.

Inspired by the physical surroundings in the ruggedly beautiful Caribou region of Nova Scotia.

As the first Signature Collection, CARIBOU pays homage to Native American culture. Like most Aboriginal beliefs, spirituality is animistic

Fabulous statement neck sculptures are hand-woven using hypoallergenic wire, repurposed metals, natural gemstones, pearls and vintage crystals. Elements are reclaimed and reused from past creations, worked into creative wearable art.

FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. Caribou Collection, Ice. One-of-a-kind neck sclupture with faceted aquamarine, Biwa and cross pearls.