Your FRIDA jewels are precious and all things precious require care. 

  • Handle your jewellery with respect;

  • Consider your activities when wearing jewellery (e.g., working with equipment/weights at the gym) or potential impact, which could cause damage;

  • All jewellery should be kept away from intense heat and extreme temperature changes;

  • Typically, remove your jewellery when using corrosive products, as they could potentially damage stones, pearls and precious metals;

  • Never expose pearls to perfume or hair products, as they can damage the pearls’ nacre/surface.



Always store your jewellery individually, as pieces and stones may become scratched, if stored incorrectly. Chains are apt to tangle, so lay them flat, when possible.



Your FRIDA jewels should be cleaned regularly. Often, just using a soft brush (e.g., toothbrush) and soapy water will bring your diamonds back to their former glory.

You are always welcome to bring your FRIDA jewels to our boutique, so we can inspect, clean and revitalize. Every one-three years, evaluate your FRIDA pearl necklace to ensure perfection.

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