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FRIDA. For The Woman Who Defines Herself.
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Drawing inspiration from a unique mix of heritage, Norse mythology, ancient symbols and the rawness of nature, the FRIDA signature collections include CARIBOU, OCEAN, SHIELD and STRATA. FRIDA is not only a destination for signature collections, but also for distinctive beautifully made fine jewellery.




FRIDA, where the art of innovative design and craftsmanship is truly celebrated.

Pieces are custom designed and handmade, using the finest quality of precious metals, exquisite ethically sourced gemstones, diamonds and pearls.

FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. Shield™ Collection. One-of-a-kind multi-coloured gemstone and diamond bangle, and tourmaline ring.jpg

FRIDA | Fine Jewellery. Owner and designer, Carrie Lamb. Specializes in custom designed jewellery, based in Bishop's Landing, Halifax.jpg

Where jewellery becomes art.

With an unwavering passion for the creative process, Carrie Lamb designs fabulous jewellery for discerning clients.

Strong, sensual and created of only the finest materials, each piece makes a deliberate, perfect statement.

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